Hey y’all! Obviously i’m from the south or I would’ve said you guys. And just cause i’m from the south doesn’t mean i’m a country hick. And just for the record I don’t say darn tootin’ or dag nabbit. I live in small town Mississippi. I work at one of the local coffee shops where I brew up some of the best coffee in town! Even though I’m still in training I make one mean caramel latte. Besides working, I enjoy playing sports like basketball and soccer. (If we’re being honest, it’s mainly just to keep me from getting fat and it’s an excuse to get out of school early.) Other than sports, I do a lot of work with the media at school. I help storyboard, film, and edit videos whether it be to promote an event or tell a story. This is what I really enjoy doing. It allows me to use the creative side of me. Since I have been involved with the media arts program, I have found a deep interest in film. After high school, I hope to go to art school in Savannah, Georgia. But anyways that’s me in a nutshell.